“Direct to disk” – cadence New York

“This is unself-conscious, hard-swinging Jazz, in an updated Bop mode, its most evident influence beeing the music of Sonny Rollins. The performers are all outstanding. Tenorist Engstfeld is a take-charge sort of player with complete command of his instrument and a well-developed feeling for his idium. He pushes the beat with a kind of irresistible momentum assosiated with Oscar Peterson, while his Rollins’ esque ideas gush forth with impressive coherence. The vital drum work of Peter Weiss is indispensible to the spirit of this music. As an extremly active and sensitive accomponist, he goads, accents, ambolishes, and colors to fine effect.”

“Contemplation, power” – Frankfurter Rundschau

“A contemplative concert, almost remindíng of Chamber Music, which is framed into a lively presentation with its more vivid passages and sometimes wild eruptions. The two sets seized the attention of the audience. Possibly the strong tension, which is typical for the quartet’s music both in live concerts and on CDs, is the result of this contrast.”

“New paths” – Braunschweiger Zeitung

“People’s expectations of the quartet’s high musical standard were not disappointed. Even after the first pieces the group’s homogeneity impressed the audience. This evening the band exclusively played compositions of their own, individually shaped tunes both showing clear rhythmic and harmonic patterns. They were the convincing results of the members’ long-lasting careers on the stage.”

“Upside down” – Essen Kolibri

“Within the frame of a modern and open hardbop they belong to the most competent groups in Europe. The band members’ compositions, which are the same ranking as those of their American colleagues, are the starting point for their mature and individual music.Villinger Anzeiger: Abstract and transparent Engstfeld’s “Well-Tempered” tenor sound remains familiar, but in his solo excursions he often gets into abstract regions, without losing his emotional message. As always he is supported by the driving force of co-leader Peter Weiss, a most communicative drummer.”

“A jazz quartet like a rounded piece of work” – Lübecker Nachrichten

“Minimal technical equipment (really unplugged!) did not prevent the four musicians from demonstrating a high standard of musical maturity, which was dominated by the pure character of their natural sound. They fascinated with their ability to produce extended melodic and rhythmical lines, thus creating a high level of tension.

“59:59 review” – Jazz Podium

“More than ever the most modern mainstream tenorsaxophone player, Engstfeld blows his horn in 1998 as if he he wanted to take on any of the jazz giants still alive. The fine hues of his playing extend from biting to velvety, and he has an unsentimental approach to ballads with his eruptive and powerful style. Peter Weiss, a wonderful architect among drummers, is able to bed the exceptional musicians’ playing on a rhythmic cloud, floating light as a feather as the result of his immense creative force.”